Lillian’s Bracket Update


Lillian McMeekin, Reporter

We’re about halfway through March, and you know what that means: The fake games that I completely made up are upon us! I know curiosity is killing you, so let’s get into what’s changed since the original bracket. 
  1. UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs Vs. Gryffindor Quidditch team
    • In my first bracket, I had my money on the underdogs here, but it seems the Banana Slugs were no match for the Gryffindor Quidditch team’s bludger.
  2. Middle School Boys Playing Four Square vs. My K5 Soccer Team
    • Maybe I should have bet on the underdog here, because it seems My K5 Soccer Team used a (shockingly legal) method of psychological warfare on those middle school boys and prevailed.
  3. UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs vs. Wildcats
    • I doubted them, but the High School Musical Wildcats really put their heads in the game and slugged the Banana Slugs with a minute left on the clock. It was a tough game.
  4. 4. Wildcats vs. Matt from Wii Sports
    • The Wildcats may have beat out the Banana Slugs, but Matt from Wii Sports has yet to face a match he couldn’t win. My bet would still be on Matt to take home the grand prize.