Top Mexican Restaurants

Emily Salvato

Greer isn’t very popular for our restaurants, but there are some good ones around. Specifically, our Mexican restaurants are great.

If you are ever in Taylors and pass a Mr. Salsa’s, make that U-turn and go, get you either a Chimichanga or some Fajitas, and don’t forget a large cheese dip with chips.

The staff there is always nice, and it is always reasonable.

Next on our list is El Jalisco. Their taco salad is on POINT, and the staff at the restaurant have always been there. They have been there since our parents have.

Last, but certainly not the last Mexican restaurant in our area: Tipsy Taco.

Even though you have to pay for your chips and salsa, their Californian way of making food is delicious. It may not be your cup of tea but the tea there is so good.