Best Beaches Of The World


Lucy Smith, Freshman Journalist

We all enjoy the beach. From the sound of the waves to the fun in the ocean, but what beaches are the best?

The first beach is Cala Pi de la Posada in Spain. Cala Pi de la Posada has crystal clear water and is surrounded by a lush pine forest. Activities such as surfing and anchor boating are popular past-time in Cala Pi de la Posada.

The second beach is Navagio in Greece. Navagio’s beautiful blue waters, white sands, and shipwreck is sure to wow you. Activities such as diving with turtles and visiting the Venetian Castle are great family-friendly-friendly fun times.

The third beach Nissi beach in Cyprus. Nissi’s gold sands and emerald-colored ocean are perfect for vacation fun. Long walks on the beach, visiting the coves, and water sports are great past-times featured  in Nissi beach.