Embarrassing (School Appropriate) Stories

Yeah, That happened…

Ansa Thomas, Opinions Editor

We have all had those moments when we do something and then realize that someone was watching and become modified or simply do something dumb and know that there is no going back. Here are five brave souls who decided to share, Hope you enjoy it!

“I was walking up the stairs at dismissal and I tripped and fell. Twice. I grabbed onto someone’s bag to save myself but that just made it more embarrassing.”

“During spirit week in 8th grade we had a decades day, and the school decided to play 80s music on loudspeakers during lunchtime. One of these songs was “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi. I was really into Bon Jovi at the time and knew all the words to the song, so I grabbed a plastic spoon and started lip-syncing the song to my friends using the spoon as a mic and dancing around because again, I was really into Bon Jovi. Our table was at the very back, so I had my back turned away from the rest of the cafeteria. I turn around about halfway through the song, and every single person is staring at me. This was the majority of the student body since our lunch system was weird. So around 100-200 kids plus 5 or so teachers just watching me make a fool of myself. The gym teachers had propped open the doors to the gym since it was connected to the cafeteria so all the kids in PE could also watch. I was a very shy kid back in 8th grade, so I freaked out and ran out of the cafeteria. It’s funny looking back, but I don’t listen to anything by Bon Jovi anymore out of embarrassment.”

“i once peed on my friend’s patio and she had glass doors and her parents were in the other room watching a movie so i think they saw it all happen …”

Avery-Ann Mikhail

“So last year I was in Mr. Stone’s class for world cultures. I had been in this weird habit of winking at people and I accidentally winked at Mr.Stone. It was pretty funny but also mortifying at the same time!!!”

Kendra Wentzel

“I was talking to a friend as I was walking out and I went to open one of the glass doors but it was locked, I was looking at my friend and I forcefully tried to open the door and instead since it was locked I fell into the glass and hit my face. It left a face print on the window…”


Thank you to all the people that shared their stories! I hope that you all enjoyed reading. And keep an eye out for emails from the theforgenews so you can participate in future articles.