The Nose Ring Fiasco


Madi Wilkerson, Reporter

As a student of GMC, I believe there needs to be a few reforms to the dress code dealing with nose rings.
I questioned a few people at our school to see what they had to say about nose rings and how they feel about why it is an inconvenience to take it out.
Not only is taking out a nose ring an inconvenience, it is a waste of money, it can be painful, and it is not fair.
Some people have a nose ring before the rule is applied and they have to take it out or buy a new nose ring that is a stud so they are allowed to wear them.
An anonymous speaker said the same thing that causes nose rings to be banned could happen to earrings, which is the piercing being pulled out which could lead to missing class. Also there has never been an instance where a student’s piercing was pulled out.
Sometimes, once people take a piercing out, they don’t remember to put it back in, which could cause pain when trying to put a piercing back in or other scars such as keloids.
Another student said they feel more confident when they wear a hoop nose ring, but they now have to wear a stud, which they did not have their nose pierced for in the first place.
Comparing nose rings to other exceptions in the dress code doesn’t make sense either. How is a nose ring more distracting than other approved attire and accessories?
Nose rings should be allowed if different items are dress code approved, such as: fishnets, exotic hair color, big chains, excessively large heels, combat knee boots, and dog collars/choker chains.
Even other circumstances could be more distracting than a nose ring, for instance, students talking out during class or people using profane words or signals.
If it is a larger piercing or more distracting piercing, like a ‘bridge’ or ‘third eye’, then it makes sense for it to be omitted from the dress code, but just a simple nose ring hoop should be allowed.