Copycat Costumes


Madi Wilkerson, Reporter

As we get closer to Halloween, everyone will start looking for something to dress up as.
Every year, I see a lot of the same costumes when walking around the neighborhood.
The most popular costume out there is, nonetheless, IT, the scary clown costume. Yes, the 2016 trend stays alive as people get ready for Halloween to scare anyone see.
The next in line is, of course, the favorite of moms’ who stay at home to hand out candy: the witch.
Thirdly, the costume seen on many kids is a cat. If you are looking for an easy, last-minute, throw-together costume, here is your solution.
Certainly, the runner-up is the inflatable dinosaur. Who doesn’t want to be one of these fun oversized abominations?
Another overused costume is the zombie, in all its variants, such as zombie bride, groom, sports player, and obviously, the mad scientist.
The next common costume alternative is just the generic clown. No, not IT, just a happy, sad, or scary clown.
Following the clown, there is the princess. I admit that I, myself, have been a princess, Ariel to be exact. A lot of little toddlers will be dressed in any of the princesses, Disney or not.
Next in line is a pirate. Ever knocked on a door and it was answered by someone yelling “ARRRR!” in your face? Yeah, so have I.
Second, to last is a vampire. Maybe a vampire count or countess? I don’t know but I see this a lot.
Lastly, is the infamous TikTok trend of devil and angel duo. Now, this pair has been around for a while, but more recently, a bit higher in the charts of most popular costumes.
Now no one is stopping you from being one of these costumes, I love seeing the creative versions everyone comes up with.
These are the most popular costumes, so don’t be surprised if you come across your look-alike on Halloween if you choose one of these ensembles.