Holiday Superstitions: To Believe or Not To Believe


Madi Wilkerson, Reporter

Everyone has their superstitions during the holidays, but here are some of the most well-known superstitions.
First, of course, the mistletoe. The original superstition was you could not refuse a kiss under the mistletoe, if you did refuse a kiss under the mistletoe, you would remain single for the next year.
Another part of the mistletoe superstition or tradition, whichever you may call it, you are supposed to remove a berry after your kiss!
Once all the berries have been removed, there is supposed to be no more kisses under it, but you do you.
If you do, or don’t, get a kiss under the mistletoe, don’t let it foil your holiday festivities.
Another holiday superstition is based around holly. In the past, it was known to keep witches away from the house.
There is a superstition that after the 12 days of Christmas, you should take your tree down, or put it up before thanksgiving, for it can give you bad luck.
A final superstition is the Yule log. Once you light it, you are supposed to keep it for 12 hours, or in some places, 12 days. Sounds dangerous, but you don’t want to have bad luck.