The Great Iced Coffee Tier


Gracie Wilkerson, Editor-in-Chief

Gen Z’s favorite drink can be found on every corner of every street. Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Chick-fil-a, and many other national chains have taken advantage of iced coffee’s popularity.

However, small businesses are almost always a thousand times better than chains, and small coffee shops can also be found as often as chains. So why are the overpriced, underwhelming coffees more popular?

If your excuse is that you don’t know about the small coffee shops, then I have a list of wonderful places for you to try, ranked from my most favorite to least favorite.

Even if you’re a diehard Starbucks fanatic, it’s not a bad idea to support a local business. No harm in giving it a chance!


1. Coffee Underground

My absolute most favorite place in the entire world! Located in Downtown Greer, this coffee shop has a lovely atmosphere. Stuffed with comfortable seats and usually pretty quiet, it makes for a great study place for you to focus and sip some quality iced coffee.


2. 7 Brew

The recently established 7 Brew left a good impression on me immediately. Despite being somewhat inconveniently placed on Woodruff Road, the drive-thru coffee shop has several delicious iced coffee recipes for you to choose from and the nicest, most energetic employees to hand it to you.


3. Exchange Coffee Co.

I promise you the trip to Downtown Simpsonville is worth it for this shop! Exchange is a sweet little café that serves all sorts of drinks (including our beloved iced coffee, of course), baked goods, and seasonal specials. 


4. Barista Alley

Ok, most people know this one. Barista Alley isn’t far from GMC; just a quick 10-15 minute drive to Downtown Greer will take you right to it. The iced coffee is so yummy! The shop isn’t as quiet as I would like it, but with the jazz tunes and the iconic coffee shop ambience, it is pretty relaxing.


5. Crave Coffee

On the corner of Verdin Road and East Butler Road in Greenville stands this humble shop. The coffee was amazing and the employees were very sweet and understanding when my youngest sister changed her mind after ordering her drink. There are some comfy chairs here too, so bring your laptop and sit down for study time.


6. Chestnut Coffee House + Market

When you visit this sleek shop, not only are you getting amazing coffee, but you’re also supporting more than one small business. In addition to the regular seating areas, Chestnut has a small market selling products from local businesses. I loved walking around sipping coffee and smelling candles!


7. Stomping Grounds

Also located in Downtown Greer, this shop has a lot to offer. The iced coffee always pleases, and with the window seats and soothing atmosphere, it’s a very enjoyable place to be.