Worst school-related nightmares

Ansa Thomas, Opinions Editor

Most of us have all had that night before school starts, and you’re scared you are going to forget something, whether it be school supplies or your clothes. The GMC Students submitted their Worst school-related nightmares.

Emma Moore – The second day of freshman year, my best friend pulled on a loose thread on my shorts. When she did, the seams of my shorts came completely undone and fell down at lunch.

Sushi Hawthorne – Once I had a dream that there was an intruder in the school and I got locked out of my classroom, and instead of hiding in a closet or something I decided that I should crawl up into the ceiling and I got stuck up there.

Carmen Waynick – Failing Senior Project presentation. It’s been something I’ve dreaded since Freshman year after Mr. Stone said he had to calm down about 10 students before their presentations. In addition, one of my former teachers discussed a girl that had started her project 3 months before it was due and long story short, she didn’t walk at graduation. I’ve heard

Cherie Furr – That there was a hurricane and we were stuck at school.

Logan Grilliot – wasn’t a nightmare since this actually happened, in freshman year for one of the spirit weeks there was a “crazy hat day” or something, and I decided to wear my giant foam dinosaur mask. The issue with the mask is that there’s little to no visibility, so withing five minutes of coming into school I managed to fall down the stairs.

Megina Sormis – one time i pooped my pants in chemistry and it was really embarassing

Caroline Shoaf – one time i forgot to read the great gatsby in mr cooks class and then he made us write a summary about it and i didn’t know what to write. the great gatsy makes no sense. and then when i got home that night i had a dream about the great gatsby chasing me and then i woke up and couldnt go back to sleep again. then 2 days later when we had english i actually DID read the book but i had a hard time distinguishing between my dream and the actual book and now im even more confused. bad karma for me not reading the rest of chapter 4 i guess.

Brent Nestberg – The one time you actually did your Math homework, your younger sibling found it and used it to start a fire because he/she thought it was THEIR homework. The next day, you get a call from your younger siblings’ Math teacher (who’s furious) saying that your younger sibling said that you burned their homework. Your innocent. You get so mad that you grab the first thing you see, a book. You chuck the book at a wall, and then realize that you just threw your Chromebook (that you are borrowing from your school) at the wall and destroyed it. You wake up and are relieved that it was all a dream. Until you see your Chromebook is destroyed, just like in your dream, and realize you actually acted out in real life everything you did in your dream. You’re going to have to spend every weekend doing chores and yard work for people to make enough money to pay for the borrowed Chromebook, since your parents won’t let you get a job.

Clarence – dream about getting suspended

I hope you all enjoyed reading. Thank you to everyone who responded.