GMC Teachers As Custom NFTs

Arden Montjoy, Features Editor

Howdy. Another week, another niche interest that has captivated my attention. This week, I have been enamored with the phenomenon that is NFTs.

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or Non-fungible Token, is a type of stock that can be found in the form of photo, video, or audio. These ‘tokens’ are used as a type of indicator of a transaction having taken place.


The buyer of the stock is the official owner of the link to that specific NFT. Similar to a .png or .jpg, the NFT has a unique type of accessibility link.


There is much debate over the longevity of NFTs, but this is unimportant in reference to the goal of today’s article.


All you need to know is an NFT can be a picture, video, or audio clip that represents an amount of money.


So what if I made GMC teachers into NFTs? Well, here’s that.






I call this NFT “All Hail Our Mouse Overlord”. While some may claim Disney is ruling all, I like to posit the question: is it really a bad thing to graduate from MMU (Mickey Mouse University)?










I call this piece “Cool Math Games”. RIP Cool Math Games, gone but never forgotten.









This piece is titled “No! Mr. Lowman Watch Out For That Train! Oh No! He Can’t Hear Us, He’s Got His AirPods In!”. RIP Mr. Lowman, gone but never forgotten.









This NFT is titled “Stan BTS”. Stan BTS. That is all.











I call this piece “This Isn’t A Phase, Mom, It’s Who I Am”. My middle school music taste was, in fact, the peak of all art. No regerts.






And finally, the last GMC teacher NFT is called “Was That The Bite of ’87?????????”. Alas, my FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) phase has occurred as I am a legal adult who can do legal adult things and make legal adult decisions. But I also researched the entire timeline from a game about an animatronic bear. So who’s the real loser?




I hope you have learned something here today. I know I didn’t. 🙂


Bonus NFT:




This bonus, not technically GMC ‘teacher’, NFT is titled “Crippling Bell Debt”. I thought Animal Crossing was supposed to be relaxing and fun, but I’ve realized I am now in debt to an anthropomorphic raccoon.