Favorite Family Recipes

Emily Salvato, Reporter

Everyone has that one family member who makes the best thanksgiving dish in the world! We have asked the student body what their favorite dishes are.
A holiday favorite recipe is Sausage Balls. To make the treat, cover the sausage with a thin layer of pancake batter with cheese in it.
Sounds… good! I would totally eat them.
Arden Montjoy’s favorite family recipe is “Baked red hot apples”, Montjoy describes them as “ small apple pies”, but with a twist. They use cinnamon red hot candy to flavor them.
That’s a little different if you ask me. To make these spicy desserts, Montjoy says to, “peel as many apples as you want, wrap them in dough (any kind, can be pie dough to Pillsbury croissants), put cinnamon red hot candies into the dough, bake, and enjoy!”
It sounds like a good dessert that I would not eat, cinnamon isn’t my jam. Sorry not sorry Arden. They look good though.
Another nationwide favorite is Baked Mac and Cheese. Jessica Knepp includes how she makes this delicious meal.
Knepp’s way of making Baked Mac and Cheese is, “You start with flour, and butter and some water and you simmer that until the flour is browned. Then you add milk and lots of shredded cheese. While you are doing this you cook noodles. Then, when the cheese is melted, you pour the cheesy sauce over the noodles and then pour it into a 9×13 pan and sprinkle cheese on top. Then you put it in the oven for 40 minutes at 325*.”
I dislike certain Mac and Cheese but this one sounds good.
Thank you to all of the people who shared their recipes. Be sure to send the newspaper some of these dishes around thanksgiving.