Is Santa Really as Magical as We Think?

Bayleigh Weber, Reporter

Christmas should be about giving, not receiving.
I know that Santa is a fundamental element for many kids’ holiday joy, but the belief in Santa does more harm than good.
For starters, Santa gives the wrong idea of Christmas. The existence of Santa prioritizes receiving gifts during Christmas time. Christmas should be about giving, not receiving.
Plus, Santa only gives gifts to “nice kids”, but what defines “nice”? Only rewarding kids who were subjectively deemed good by a man seems messed up. Not to mention that no kid actually gets coal if they were naughty. Kind of a plot hole.
Santa is seen as a great figure to kids however there are things that prove otherwise; “He sees you while you’re sleeping, He knows when you’re awake” Santa also commits forced entrance and trespassing. This should not be seen as normal.
Santa also devalues generosity during Christmas time. If Santa can give anyone and everyone gifts (spare the “naughties”), then why do some kids go without presents during Christmas? In the real world, kids don’t receive presents because of financial reasons. Kids who do have the privilege of presents or gifts on Christmas should know this because that way they know the importance of giving.
Another issue of Santa is that his existence is built on generations of lies. How could a child not misconstrue the idea of Santa into the idea that lying is okay?
Why don’t you lay it out for your kids and let them decide if they want to believe it or not? Christmas is a time of giving and receiving at some point they will come to the conclusion that he is not real but if you tell them or not is your decision.