Weird Thanksgiving Foods


Thanksgiving contains many themes such as being thankful for what one has and spending time with those you love.
However, most people agree that one theme is the most important and shapes what Thanksgiving is all about.
The food is what brings people together and sets this holiday away from the rest.
So much so, in fact, that many Americans are willing to eat foods that they do not enjoy in favor of upholding tradition.
Nevertheless, some traditional foods have been so repulsive that even the most tradition-loving people have passed them up.
Take, for example, J-ELLO, a Thanksgiving favorite, and mix it with another popular food.
This Turkey-J-ELLO combo may seem highly unusual, but it was extremely popular in the nineteen-thirties.
Not only that, but it is also an outstanding and cheap protein source that was helpful to those who were working with a tight budget during the Great Depression.
Another odd dish that is a bit more wasteful than the aforementioned one is the Cherumple, a dish created to combine cherry, pumpkin, and apple pie into one absurdly large cake.
This multi-tier web cake was created by Charles Phoenix, who wanted his family to stop taking three slices of pie during the holidays.
This method may seem counterintuitive to some when they consider the size, but it’s whatever makes one happy during the holidays.
The last, and possibly the grandest, Thanksgiving dish is known as “Seafoam Salad”.
This dish is a mixture of lime J-ELLO, a large can of peas, and cream cheese.
While this dish may seem repulsive, it is ranked highly on various food sites such as Allrecipes and The Bitter Side of Sweet.
These three foods were certainly odd, but it may be best not to make too many jibes about them.
After all, Cranberry Sauce may be on a “Weird Thanksgiving Foods” list in the foreseeable future.