The Beginnings of Boys Blazer Basketball in The 2021-2022 Season


Liam Kemp, Sports Editor

As the spring ends and the fall begins, the student body of GMC has started to anticipate the upcoming basketball season.
GMC conducted JV and Varsity tryouts the last two days and has created the team roster for this season for both of the teams. This is after finishing both the fall and summer leagues with two different rosters separate from the GMC school season team.
While we’ve had a Varsity team here at GMC for a plethora of years at this point, with last year’s boy’s team finishing with a 16-5 record, the JV team is an addition to the guy’s basketball program.
When asked about the boy’s team this year, Grayson Alana, grade 10, went out to quote Coach Armstrong about the team’s motto on work ethic: “lift weights, finish strong”.
The team seems to be hyped and ready to kill it this season, representing their blazer nation in the process. Join the team on December third for the first home game of the season.