The Best Thanksgiving Spots

Lucy Smith, Reporter

From beach bungalows to warm cabins to cozy European estates, there are so many options of where to vacation during Thanksgiving break.
Many families argue about the endless vacation spots for Thanksgiving Break, so I will be breaking down the picture-perfect places to vacation this November 25th.
If you are willing to travel further and would prefer a majestic countryside location, you should visit the Dromoland Castle in Ireland.
From golfing to a luxury spa treatment, Dromoland Castle does it all. Dromoland has 450 acres to explore and is beside the Cliffs of Moher.
The Dromoland Castle has an extensive itinerary for Thanksgiving visitors. Such as falconry, wreath-making, shopping excursions, and a traditional, American-style feast on Thanksgiving, and much more.
If you are looking for a mountain range full of classic traditions, you should visit Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee.
The overlook of the Smokey Mountains from your bed, beautiful foliage, and traditional architecture will make you head-over-heels.
Some of the best Thanksgiving traditions are put on every year at Blackberry Farms. Some of these traditions include a delicious Thanksgiving spread, turkey trots, hiking through the Smokey Mountains, joining the Cheese Club, or just enjoying the ambiance.
If you are looking for a snow-frosted mountain getaway, you should visit the Montage Deer Valley Resort, in Parkcity, Utah.
The snowy Alpine peaks could be your view this Thanksgiving at Montage Deer Valley Resort.
Fill your days with skiing or snowboarding in the Alps, luxurious spa treatments, shopping trips, or relaxing in the warm, cozy Vista Lounge.
Have the luxury of your own private balcony overlooking the snowy Alps, with a regal fireplace in your bedroom with the warm, home-cooked feeling of your private Turkey dinner.
No matter where you go this Thanksgiving, “There’s no place like home for the Holidays,” -Perry Como.