Mental Health Help is Here! Welcome, Mr. Whatley!


Bayleigh Weber, Reporter

COVID rained havoc on the world, and it affected countless amounts of things – one of those things being mental health. As it turns out, global pandemics do have a negative impact on one’s well-being. Who would’ve figured? Luckily for us, our school board considered the strain on people’s mental health, and brought on a wonderful new hire; we welcome Mr. Heath Whatley.
Mr. Whatley is joining our school as a social and emotional counselor, but he’s had an array of interesting career paths before joining GMC. No joke, this dude was seriously cool. Mr. Whatley had experience in teaching Kung Fu, Marine Corps martial arts, Modern standard Arabic, Bahraini Arabic, and social work specializing in kids, military intelligence, and grad school students. One might ask themselves, “why would someone go from the military to a high school?” To quote Mr. Whatley, “I love the community, and we all need better mental health after Covid, and I want to bring that to GMC.”
If you need someone to talk to, Mr. Whatley would like to note that no matter who you are, there is always someone who cares for you and is willing to help. His door is always open. There’s no need to feel embarrassed because whatever you need to say couldn’t be worse than breaking your hand in front of a group of Marines. Right, Mr. Whatley?