The Importance Of Family

Ansa Thomas, Opinions Editor

Not everybody loves their family, which is a very sad fact but it is true. Many people will say that it does not matter if you like your family or not, but it does matter.
Some of our best memories can come from our childhood, which can affect your future and your family.
You may not have cared how your parents were raised, but how your grandparents raised your parents has affected the way you grew up.
Let’s say that your mom was raised with love and care and had never really had family problems or problems in general. Your mom is one of the kindest people you know and love.
Now let’s say that your dad was abused and grew up in a bad environment. This would most likely make your dad strict and “emotionless”.
This could change depending on what happened later on in their lives to change their view of the world.
Your mom moves out, she fell in love and got heartbroken. This changes the way she sees the world, and she could now be closed off and cold.
And your dad gets out of the bad environment and makes some great friends and finds the job of his dreams, this would change the way he views the world, and he could now be kind and open.
Situations can change a person, but the way they were raised still stays with you and will help you raise your children.
Your mom is now cold, which affects how you were raised, and your dad has given you the world.
This shapes your future. Your family is the first relationship that you have, and you base the rest of your relationship on those experiences, whether good or bad.
When things go wrong, your family should be people you can rely on, a safe place you can go when you have no one or nowhere else.
Family is important because they are the people that introduce you to the world. They are the people who should keep you safe and take care of you. They are the people that you can always depend on no matter what goes on in your life.