The Simmons’s situation: what is happening in Philly

Liam Kemp, Sports Editor

This time last year, we were all debating how to rank The Philadelphia 76s among the top 3 teams in the eastern conference. However, flash forward just a year, and it is apparent that there are major chemistry problems among the top-ranking members of the organization.
To understand what has happened in this time, one must understand who ben Simmons is and the entire organization of the modern day 76ers.
Drafted number 1 in 2016 out of Australia, Ben Simmons came onto the NBA scene as one of the highest touted prospects in the NBA. Many were drawing connections between him and LeBron James regarding his potential and athletic capabilities.
However, there were some evident problems bringing Simmons down from the beginning.
The clearest of these problems is his inability to shoot, or to be more specific, what seems to be an underlining fear to shoot.
This was highlighted in the sixer’s complete and total collapse against the Atlanta hawks in the eastern conference semifinals. Many people attribute this disaster to Ben Simmons, who played poorly the entire 2021 post season.
While one can not entirely put blame on Ben Simmons for the result of them dropping out of the playoffs, the rest of the team certainty did not wait to. When asked whether or not Simmons is capable of being a starting point guard if the sixers want to win the championship, he said that “I don’t know the answer to that.”
Feeling betrayed by the team, Simmons would make headlines all throughout the off season as demanding a trade from the sixers
Through anonymous sources, it was reported that if he was not traded, he would not participate in training camp nor would he play in any game.
In past situations where players wanted out of their team that they are playing for, they usually get their way with the origination. However, in regards to the Simmons situation, the 76s have taken a hard stance in Simmons staying, with the reason being that they would not be able to get a good return if they did decide to trade him.
As of right now, the 76s have continued to fine Ben for not reporting to training camp or any of the played preseason games.
While Simmons has not publicly spoken on the issue, one can only assume that he is far from giving in, no matter how many fines they send his way.
As the situation increased, the head star of the sixers, Joel Embid, said that the “team has always been” catered toward Simmons.
For the time being, there is little information on what the end result might be on this predicament, and it seems like this Mexican standoff of basketball could go on for much longer.