The Schwinitz Sunflower


Caroline Furr, Reporter

Emma Davis, an 11th-grade student in Mrs.Esbenshade’s class, has recently learned about the Schwinitz Sunflower through her extensive research on the flower.
According to her, the sunflower is located in the Piedmont Region, where Greenville and several other upstate South Carolinian cities are located.
Its contributions to the Palmetto state are numerous, with one of which is its ability to provide food for the monarch butterfly, which was recently classified as endangered.
“The flower itself may not seem important, but if it becomes extinct it will be dragging a lot of species down with it,” Emma states.
The flower is extremely important, especially when you consider the flower’s current approach to extinction.
This delicate flower is facing the massive struggle of its endangerment, which, as aforementioned, would cause much more damage than a lack of floral decor.
As a result, students in Mrs.Esbenshade’s class have taken the initiative to research these flowers – and other little-known species that play a big part in our world’s ecosystems.