Blazer Pride Week


Caroline Furr, Reporter

If you have attended advisory or been at this school for over a year, chances are that you have heard of blazer pride week.
This event is taking place from October eighteenth to the twenty-second and will include activities such as themed dress-down days, a movie night, and a haunted trail.
Most of these events are set to be scheduled after school hours, but students with busier schedules can still participate in the pep rallies, dress-downs, and food drive during school hours.
While dress down passes will be ten dollars for the entire week and movie night will be three, trunk or treat is free for anyone who wishes to attend.
The cross country team has also released their prices for the haunted trail recently, with one fifteen minute tour of the haunted trail being five dollars per person.
All proceeds from these events will go towards the Mrs.GMC pageant and January’s spirit week.
This week is set apart from other spirit weeks and will not interfere with Januarys, claims Ms.Bailey. She states that, “ Blazer Pride Week is a scaled down version of Spirit Week. We want to highlight all of our sports teams, not just basketball which falls during Spirit Week. We also wanted to give back to our community through the can food drive class competition”.
Many students are looking forward to this, such as Lucy Smith, who states, “I am very excited to show my Blazer Pride next week”.