Could Jurassic Park be Possible?

Lucy Smith, Reporter

The iconic 1993 movie Jurassic Park suggests a seemingly plausible experiment. Jurassic Park suggests that mosquitos that lived during the Jurassic period were fossilized in resin while carrying dinosaur blood containing their DNA.
The descriptive and realistic details given by the screenwriter, Michael Crichton, sparked the question in many die-hard fans of this early 90’s classic of if these DNA-carrying mosquitos could revive many species of dinosaurs. Mr. Rouse, a fan and in-depth researcher of Jurassic Park says, “Personally, I do believe Jurassic Park is possible. Today’s technology and scientific breakthroughs are changing our entire world; therefore, I believe that with these breakthroughs will come more opportunities such as bringing dinosaurs back.”
Amber is a type of tree resin that fossilizes due to high pressure and temperature all while it spends thousands of years covered by layers upon layers of sediment.
Scientists have found mosquitos that are fossilized in resin from the time of the dinosaurs. When resin preserves things, however, it tends to preserve the husk, not the soft tissues. So we usually cannot find blood preserved inside mosquitos in resin.
Even if dinosaur blood was found in a fossilized mosquito, most blood cells found in animals are red blood cells. Red blood cells are very unique compared to the rest of the body’s cells. This is because red blood cells don’t carry any deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).
The only blood cells that carry DNA are white blood cells, which are much less common compared to red blood cells. To obtain enough DNA code to create a dinosaur, you must need much more blood than a mosquito’s worth to achieve the needed amount of DNA. Yet, Mr. Rouse states, “The most intriguing aspect of Jurassic Park scientifically is that the directors claimed the dinosaurs came back from blood caught in mosquitoes. To me, it was an ingenious idea to make the thought of Jurassic Park seem plausible,” which I agree, is very intriguing.
Even though many Jurassic Park fans pondered and believed that the dinosaur species could be reincarnated, it is all but scientifically impossible, although; “Life always finds a way,” -Dr. Ian Malcom.