Top 10 Halloween Decorations

Emily Salvato, Reporter

# 10
Pumpkin carving. One of the oldest decorations around for halloween. You can never get enough of them, so don’t be afraid to get your hands messy and make you a scary pumpkin!
Have any toilet paper rolls? Don’t throw them out, instead turn them into floating candles. Just add hot glue and, voila, you’re done!
Cheese clothed ghosts are spookley cute and a great way to decorate your yard to keep the oogie boogies away.
We can’t forget about our spooky scary skeletons creeping through our yard, now can we.
Want to scare kids in your neighborhood? Put a “Michael” in your yard. Make a scarecrow, throw a mask on it, and BOOM–scared children!
Bloody windows will keep the trick or treaters away so you can keep binge watching those horror films.
Spiders the size of your bedroom window and webs that are so stringy you can barely see them.
Do you have big annoying trees in the front of your yard that look naked? I have a solution! Take a stick and tie more sticks to it and make it your own.
The clown with the red balloon.