What’s That Sticker? All About San Juan Huts


Jackson Bass, Blazefeed Editor

Throughout time, many stickers have mysteriously made their way onto various places around GMC. One of these stickers is located on the side of the Pepsi machine in the breezeway.
Brightly colored with an eyecatching design, the sticker is advertising San Juan Huts. So, what exactly is that?
San Juan Huts is a hut system based in Uncompahgre National Forest inside of Colorado. A hut system is a chain of 3 or more cabins spaced a days walk, bike, ski, etc. apart. These systems allow for amazing, multi-day journeys.
The San Juan Huts mission statement, as posted on their website, is “to provide low-impact, human-powered, lightweight backcountry sports adventure for the independent health-conscious traveler at a practical price.”
San Juan Huts seems like the perfect place to go to get away from the hustle & bustle of civilization and have an epic journey in a sustainable and responsible way (if you’re willing to make the trek to Colorado, that is).
The best part is — all of the cabins are very clean and stocked with a plethora of different foods to comfort you after a day of moving, according to the website.
So if you ever need a break from the pressures of school, just walk out into the breezeway, check out the sticker, and dream about the great outdoors. Or better yet, check out San Juan Huts — it sounds like a very unique experience!
San Juan Huts website HERE