Are The Disney Parks Haunted?


Lucy Smith, Reporter

The Disney Parks are iconic for their family-friendly, exciting, thrilling, dream-making memories; although it is a possibility that these famous parks contain the paranormal.
One of the most infamous paranormal residents of the Disney Parks is George who resides in Adventure Land in the Pirates of The Caribbean ride. The story goes that a construction worker fell into the ride while being built and died.
Modern-day Disney cast members have asked George, “Could you break the ride,” and the ride would malfunction afterward.
Some of the most terrifying paranormal residents in the Disney Parks are the “Ladies.” There is one lady in particular that the night-shift security guards refer to as ‘the wire-haired lady.” Apparently, during the night the eerie wire-haired lady shows up in the security cameras, looking the guards into their eyes.
One of the ghost residents, Dolly was brought to the paranormal world in a horrific incident. In 1984, on the Matterhorn ride, Dolly’s seatbelt was not buckled in, resulting in her falling out of the ride and was struck by an oncoming bobsled.
Disney cast members refer to the place where Dolly fell out of the ride as the Dolly Dip, and while checking the ride, cast members claim to have a feeling of someone intensely watching them.
One of the most interesting ghosty inhabitants of Disney Park is Walt Disney, himself. In Disneyland, Walt Disney wanted to live inside the park, so Disney decided to live in an apartment above the fire station on Mainstreet.
Quite a while after Disney died, the apartment was opened once more to let guests tour where Disney once lived. Supposedly, after cast members would turn off the lights and unplug the lamps after a tour, the lights would be plugged in and the lights would be on shortly after.
During the time a cast member was closing the apartment, they heard a voice that whispered, “I’m still here.”
The next time you visit a Disney Park, remember to say, “hello,” to the paranormal inhabitants.