Senior Spotlight: Ashley Shennan


Gracie Wilkerson, Editor In Chief

Senior project is probably one of the most significant experiences a GMC student can have. Each senior dedicates their year to something unique and special to them.
In this article, Ashely Shennan, who is an apprentice at Izumi International, shares her experiences in her senior project so far.
Izumi International is an engineering company that specializes in automated systems and carbon fiber manufacturing. There, Shennan works with mechanical and electrical engineers.

Her tasks and projects vary from day to day, depending on who she is working with. For mechanical engineering, she has made platforms and instruction manuals and has learned how to use Computer Aided Design (CAD). For electrical engineering, she has helped program an automated dispenser for the SOUTHTEC Trade Show. She is currently working on making carts for the shop.
“I have always loved building so I decided I wanted to go into the Engineering field, specifically automation,” Shennan says.
Not only does her project give her a chance to do what she loves, it also will help give her important experience she will need in the future.
“CAD is a difficult program to learn so getting to learn it before college will be very helpful. Other smaller things will be useful in the future, such as being able to understand how to program things and being able to create a finished project from a sketch on a piece of paper.”
We wish the best of luck to Ashley Shennan in her senior project!