The Optimal Time to Decorate for Christmas

Caroline Furr, Reporter

The Thanksgiving season is one for being thankful for what you have, fall decorations, and, for some, putting up Christmas decorations.
Many people choose to spend the holiday break preparing their house for the season, and others still insist on decorating after Halloween… but how early is too early?
The Headquarters faced a similar dilemma, with one of its members wishing to decorate after Halloween and the other wanting to wait until after Thanksgiving to start the festivities.
“Part of what makes the holiday season so special is that it’s just that—special. It’s a brief, magical period during the year when we all get to unapologetically indulge our childlike selves”, Arianna, the Digital Director at the Oprah Daily, notes.
Keeping the holiday short may increase the quality of the festivities, and it is important to value quality over quantity.
The argument of keeping the holiday short yet sweet is entirely valid to some, but others still believe that this holiday season should be prolonged.
“…knowing how fleeting this period is, why not kick off the festivities the moment the Halloween costumes are stowed away, Arianna? As you (and the song) reminds us, “Christmas Comes But Once a Year.” But there are no rules about how long those good tidings have to last.” Brie, a deputy editor at the Oprah Daily, states.
It is true that we are only given one time a year to celebrate this holiday, so it makes nearly perfect sense to make the most out of it.
In the end, both arguments are reasonable. However, one view is better supported by people and evidence.
You see, many people tend to forget about Thanksgiving due to their anticipation for Christmas.
This holiday’s festivities pale in comparison, after all.
So isn’t it only reasonable that Christmas receives the attention and that Thanksgiving comes and goes with nothing but appreciation for an above-average meal?
Absolutely not.
If Christmas is all about giving and receiving, then Thanksgiving is a reminder to be thankful for what we receive.
A rather timely one, too, is it not?
I would never dream of saying that it is immoral to decorate during Thanksgiving Break.
However, it would be nice if everyone would pause with their festivities, even for a moment, and appreciate other things that are just as important, even if it means waiting an extra week to bake cookies.
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