Traditional Thanksgiving Foods. Are We Bored Yet?

Bayleigh Weber, Reporter

Every milestone in life is suffocated by the hands of tradition.
You’re born and immediately you’re swaddled in a traditional baby blanket that’s been around since the dawn of time.
You get older and you have to eat a traditional birthday cake that makes you feel sick.
You sacrifice your time to pass your classes only to endure a boresome, multi-hour ceremony, all for the sake of tradition.
You get married and you have to wear white. I’m sure the pattern here is becoming obvious.
Tradition haunts us down every turn in our life, and it stays for the holidays.
I understand that the definition of a holiday is a recurring day of celebration, and thus by definition, the existence of holidays are due to tradition. I’m personally in favor of the tradition that is holidays, spare Columbus Day.
What I’m not okay with is holiday traditions. Most hated in my list of holiday traditions is Thanksgiving foods.
I’ll say it here and now, thanksgiving foods are tiring. We eat the same food, made by the same relatives, on the same day.
I must say that it is expected that you do these same things, but it is not required. Neither you nor I will die if we turn away mom’s overbaked ham on Thanksgiving. Depending on your mom.
Keeping this in mind, I say we kick tradition to the curb. Break the chains that are continuance.
Eat sushi for Thanksgiving.