Featured: New furniture

Ansa Thomas, Reporter

As most of us know, GMC used to be a trailer park, and the school is 13 years old, which means we have very old furniture. At the end of 2019 our teachers found out they would be getting new furniture. But when the pandemic hit and school closed, so did a lot of other things.
For some of our teachers, their furniture was delayed in getting here, still waiting on finalizing the details and waiting until December to get their stuff. Mr. Brilliant is one of our teachers who has new furniture in his classroom, as you may have noticed if you have his class.
When I asked him some questions about it, he said, “I believe I found out late fall of 2019 that I’d be getting new furniture.” For the upperclassmen, this is something that most people are excited about because he was using the old cafeteria tables which are not the most comfortable things to sit on.
He said that he went for more “segmented furniture, to allow for more creative grouping,” so students can be closer together and work as a team. This may seem like a problem, but it has worked out nicely with social distancing.
In conclusion, the new furniture is a very good thing that I think the freshman may not realize. Most people would have no idea that people used to have to sit on the old cafeteria tables for almost two hours. Getting to know your teachers is important and the same is said for your classmates