Opinion: Live Stream Graduation Every Year


Ansa Thomas, Reporter

Graduation is a big deal every year, however amongst the seniors. They are not all that happy. Every year the seniors get a certain amount of tickets for graduation. Some families are bigger, and the number of tickets they get is not enough to have their whole family. When it comes to family, it is not a pick and chooses everybody wants to come. Granted that some people may not want to go, which is fine, this is a big deal in a family. You only graduate once. Some people do not end up going to college or drop out, which means you only have one graduation. If you are a senior reading this thinking, “well, I do not care,” yeah, you may not, but think about your family, grandparents, and even friends who want to come and how important it is to them.
Last year when they live-streamed graduation, my sister got to watch her friends that were underclassmen graduate since she was unable to get a ticket. I did not know any of the people who graduated, but I enjoyed watching graduation. Now that I go to GMC and know a handful of seniors, I would enjoy watching them walk. It is not the same as being there, but people in big families who cannot make it will still watch and see their sibling graduate. Or if you have family in another state and cannot fly down to go, they can watch the live stream.
This would be much more beneficial for everyone. When talking to seniors, they all have the same problem: not having enough tickets. You may be like, “ask them to sell more tickets to the seniors,” however, you can only fit so many people in a building, and underclassmen and friends will not be able to see you graduate. My sister graduated two years ago, and she wanted to invite her friends, aunts, uncles, and cousins to watch, but there were just not enough tickets to have everyone come.
All of these are reasons why I think that GMC should live stream every year. This is a significant moment in our siblings, friends, and upperclassmen’s lives. I know for a fact that this is something that would be very providential for everyone.