Our extras celebrating a successful day of filming!!

Bayleigh Weber, Sophomore reporter and editor

Over the summer, Greer Middle College Charter High School allowed its facilities to be used as a set for a FC FILMZ production. 

FCFILMZ is a local, faith-based production company, founded by Steven and Sherin Weeks. Per FCFILMZ.COM, the Weeks’ mission is to “…create a place for believers to utilize their gifts of the arts in a way that is honoring and pleasing to God.” 

FC FILMZ requested not only to use GMC’s building for their upcoming project, but also to use student volunteers as extras. 

James Dillard, assistant principal, sent an email to the student body on June 27, 2022, informing of the need for student volunteer extras. All participating students were granted service hours for their involvement. 

There were four positions needed for students wanting to volunteer as an extra: cheerleaders, dancers, athletes and students. 

The responsibilities of the extra depended on what role they selected. 

Student extras were required to sit on the gym bleachers and react to performances performed by the main cast and extra crew. The student dancers and cheerleaders in the production were required to learn and perform 2 dance and cheerleading routines, respectively, alongside the main cast. 

Although many students signed up to be extras, a considerable number of volunteers failed to show up on the day of filming

 In fact, none of the athlete extra volunteers came on the day of filming. Their role in the project was scrapped. 

There was a total of four dancer extras, four cheerleader extras and 24 student extras.

Sophie Davis, a sophomore GMC wrote positively about her experience

“The experience was definitely something I would do again in the future. I met a ton of awesome people and I still remember all the dances we learned. We shared laughs and we made some great memories. If I had to do it all again, I’d do it in a heartbeat.” 

FC FILMZ has not released any additional information concerning their project; however, a few extras were unofficially invited to the release party. 

Information on the production may follow upon its completion.