NFL Returns For 2022-2023


Liam Kemp, co-managing editor

The NFL is about to start once again for the 2022-2023 season after a long and tide changing offseason. This piece will make sure will you are aware of the big dawgs and little puppies on the field 


While most teams this year had a significant upgrade in some form or another, there have been some teams that have fallen behind or have started to tank for higher prospects, or in short, are not going to be good this year. 


Probably the worst team in the league right now has to be the Houston Texans. There has hardly been any optimism for the fans (if there are any) or the many players for many reasons. Ever since Watson was accused of Sexual Assault, the team has been dead in the water. They would be lucky to crack 3 wins this season and that might be wishful thinking. 


Another team that won’t bring any excitement will be the Atlanta Falcons. With the decision of getting rid of Matt Ryan, there really is no room to grow with the current roster. The lack of depth at the quarterback position is going to be a pain in all 17 games, with the only beacon of light for this team’s offense being the young hopeful receiver Drake London.  


Another team fighting its hardest to not be good is the Chicago Bears.  Justin Feilds isn’t terrible, but the group of guys that he is surrounded by makes it look like he is.  With the likes of Kahlil Mack and Akihem Hicks out of the organization, along with a stadium that is crumbling, there is no way you will not see this team with a high draft pick.


Now for the big dogs.


Looking to run it back, the Los Angeles Rams are looking scary on all fronts. The offense being controlled by Mathew Staford seemed to fair better than when it was headed by Jared Goff, but the star of this offense is without a doubt the generational talent Cooper Kupp. The defense is also built to destroy, headed by the utter monster Aaron Donald. While running it back may be a stretch, a winning record and a deep playoff run does seem in sight for this team 


While most of these teams are dominant in an otherwise lonely division, the entire AFC west, which includes the Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, and Broncos, seems to be unstoppable.  It would be hard to say that the chiefs wouldn’t be the favorites after all the success they have had in recent years. However, even though they still have a future Hall of Famer in Patrick Mahomes, the departure of Tyrek Hill brings into question how the offense will fair this year. The Broncos traded for Russel Wilson this summer and gave up a hall to do so. Broncos were still able to hold on to enough weapons for Wilson to have at his disposal to make them a contender for the first time since Payton Manning was there. Yet the recent injuries to the roster could potentially be a problem. The Raiders and Chargers seem to be the most stable and predictable of the two, which will be interesting to see if they can keep that throughout the rest of the season.


The packers have managed to continue to be a top team even after the departure of Davante Adams to the Raiders, but that is suspected to be the case anytime you have a team led by the back-to-back MVP Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are going to dominate their division and be able to have a fairly uncompetitive schedule compared to some of the other top teams, making them a top pick for anyone wanting to win a bet for a friend.


The Bucs definitely are a wild card, but it seems that they still can’t be counted out just yet. After the retirement and then unretirement of Tom Brady and what is seeming like the permanent retirement of Gronk, this off-season has been filled with ups and downs. It seems like the new signee Julio Jones is going to have a comeback season and the offensive line has maintained solid conditioning. This team will undoubtedly be a solid beast to have to face in the otherwise dry NFC.


Last but certainly not least, the Buffalo Bills seem to be ready to finally take a leap forward into becoming a super bowl winner. After their heartbreaking loss to the Chiefs last year, the Bills are ready to take on the rest of the AFC and seemingly have the cast to do so. Josh Allen is seemingly a top prediction for MVP and his right-hand man receiver Stephon Diggs seems to be ready to go on their vengeance tour. 


No matter how your team is projected to perform this year, it is looking like this is going to be a great year for football fans across the country.