Freshman student body!!!


Emily Salvato, Broadcasting

We first want to say thank you to the freshman who ran in the Stugo race. We are excited for this year’s events held by Stugo.

Last Friday during blazer block the class of 2026 voted for their student body representatives. Congratulations for the following for winning the race. Tallynn Mattox, Benton George, Jacey Stags, and Abby Morris.

Here is a little more about them.

Your freshman class President is Tallynn Mattox is on Stugo because she wants to “ help others with my creative ideas “, and she is looking forward to “Creating/helping set up events”. Mattox plans to do something cool and exciting for the school but she won’t tell us what yet. To involve the school, she wants to use flyers and keep a positive attitude. She wants to let GMC know that she is a hardworking optimist.

Freshman Vice President, Benton George, ran for stugo to make new friends, get involved for the school and for a free t-shirt. I asked him what he was looking forward to while being VP? George replied, “Getting people hyped for POP and things like that getting the freshman to participate”. Even though he has nothing in mind for us he will be planning big things in the future.

Benton is a leader at heart when I asked him how he is going to involve others he told me,” I won’t tear people down and try to be a good influencer”.  George wants the GMC family to know that he used to have a mullet until he chopped it off, and that he’s kinda quiet but once you get to know him, he is a whole new person.

Jacey Staggs the Freshman Secretary enjoys being on the back side of things and being involved with the school and how things are done. She is looking forward to serving the school in any way she can and planning things. Stags is excited to bring ideas but for her things are hectic from running for Stugo. Jacey wants y’all to know that she, “can and will talk your ears off over literally anything”.

Freshman Treasurer Abby Morris was “peer pressured” (probably by Jeffery) into doing Stugo. Morris wants to get out of her comfort zone and do something new, “it also looks good on college applications”. She is excited to go to all of the events and help plan them. Her plan to do something special is to “Be Awesome”.

Abby is more on the social side of life. I asked how she would get people involved and she said, “I would tell people to come and post on my Socials stories”. Morris’ fun fact about herself is that she can move her nose up and down.