Why Are People Leaving GMC? 


Ellie Garzony, News Editor

Greer Middle College, home of the blazers, is known for being extremely influential and prestigious. Many people are eager to engage in the abundant opportunities that are offered. So, the question is, why do so many people leave GMC before their senior year? 

One potential reason is the grade expectations. As I’m sure most of you know, you must keep an 80 or above in your classes to pass. In addition, you must complete a senior capstone project to graduate. 

Another potential reason is our uniforms. Although there are benefits, some do not like having to wear the same style of clothes every day. 

Friend groups can also play a role. Even though it may seem obvious, sometimes people simply do not feel like they do not fit in. Some find it easier to make friends within specific sports and clubs, which could also be a factor if those sports or clubs are not offered at GMC. 

I reached out to some of our previous students to gain a bit of their perspective on why they decided to transfer from GMC.

Sami Duren, a previous student at GMC, wrote “I transferred because I feared the senior capstone project, but I regret leaving because of how safe and loved I felt at GMC. I definitely kept up with my grades so it was beneficial in that aspect. There is a lot less pressure at other schools which can be a bad thing if you’re not willing to push yourself to learn what you want” 

The senior capstone project is definitely a great challenge that students have to face. There are many beneficial job and scholarship opportunities that come from this project. However, some students fear the project because it can ultimately determine whether or not they graduate. This expectation can be a deal breaker. 

Another student, Owen Humphrey, shared his opinions on the subject: “I left GMC because of the social and academic pressure. I enjoy a more light-hearted atmosphere that other schools have to offer.” 

Based on a combination of these factors, it can be concluded that students often decide to leave GMC because of the academic standards. Some students can flourish in such an environment, while others don’t. Each school has unique characteristics that can make or break one’s experience.