Teachers as Stock Photos

Emma Childs, Features Editor

Have you ever wondered what the Math and English teachers of GMC would look like as stock photos? Well wonder no more, take a stroll down our picks of teachers as stock photos.

1. Mrs. Dentler

Mrs. Dentler is sweet but will pounce on you like an angry cat






2.  Mrs. Meyers

Math teachers need to stop getting pregnant. That’s it.







3. Mrs. Long

Mrs. Long will kill you with kindness if you mess with her






4. Mrs. Rouse

Life of the party always, even when she gets old.





5. Mr. Frans

Best dressed, duh.







6. Mr. Cook

No explanation is needed.









7. Mrs. Lapoe

This just gives me Mrs. Lapoe vibes, you can’t tell me I’m wrong.





8. Mrs. Schonhar

This one doesn’t make sense but pretend it does lol.






9. Mr. Lowman

Will set your house on fire.






10. Mrs. Hunter

Sweet and silly