September Club Spotlights


Harper Tonnesen, Reporter

The clubs for our September spotlights are Beta Club and NHS (National Honor Society)


Beta Club

The Beta club is run by Coach Elliott, Mr. LaPoe, and Ms. McAllister

Students must have over a 4.0 GPA in order to be invited into the Beta Club.

The starting fee for Beta club is $30 and it is $15 for every year they participate after that.

Once they are in Beta Club, they will do 4 service events per year to maintain their status in Beta Club as well as their 4.0 GPA.

Beta club gives you many scholarship opportunities that you may not get outside of Beta club.

If you do not participate in the Beta club events or if you do not keep your 4.0 GPA you will be put on probation and be given time to catch up. If you still do not participate you can be kicked out of Beta club.

Beta club has two upcoming events! 

September 30th-October 1st is the Greer arts and eats festival.

The next event is the Tree planting on October 15th.


National Honor Society

 The NHS (National Honor Society) is run by Mrs. Long and Ms. Quinlan.

The NHS is a nationwide society that rewards and brings attention to strong academic achievements and community services. 

Criteria for membership in the NHS is based on four factors. These include Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service.

 In order to stay in the NHS, you must pay a $21 fee each year, maintain a 4.500 GPA, and complete 10 events for 10 service points.

NHS is invitations only for Juniors and Seniors based on GPA.

As an NHS member, you must gain 6 points over the course of a school year in order to stay in good standing as a junior or in order to get NHS chords as a senior.

The NHS mostly focuses on service within its community.

Throughout the year, the NHS members participate in events that benefit others in need.