Most Popular Candies at GMC

Anna Chebowski, Blazefeed Editor

At lunch at GMC, there are a variety of foods available for purchase. Candy is the most popular to purchase. But what candy is specifically bought the most? We sent out a survey to students to see what the most popular candies are, and here are the candies that tied for first.


1) One of the top candies that students buy at lunch is Reese’s peanut butter cups. With the perfect ratio of chocolate to peanut butter, it’s no wonder why it’s a fan favorite.








2) Next up are the original Sour Patch Kids. These chewy candies have a good balance between sweet and sour which makes these candies popular.






3) Airheads Xtreme came next on the list. These sour rainbow strips have a pop of fruity flavor that makes them a great top pick. 






4) Original M&Ms also made it to the top of the list. These bite-sized chocolate candies are a classic and make a great addition to lunch.








5) While it may be a surprise to many, KitKats also came in the running for some of the most bought candy. The mix of chocolate and wafers make it a great choice for students who want a snack.