October Horoscopes


Madi Wilkerson, Co-Managing Editor

It’s the lovely month of October again and the stars are speaking. Here’s what they said this time:

Aquarius: Jan.20th- Feb.18th: Autumn is starting. Invite Libra on a fun apple-picking trip, might even carve a pumpkin!

Pisces: Feb. 19th- March 20th: Make sure to treat yourself this month! Go buy those cheap candy bags from Walmart. I mean, you only get pumpkin-shaped Reese’s once a year, and no body questions why you are buying 13 bags of them!

Aries: March 21st- April 19th: This is the only time of year when fake hauntings, sugar-induced drunkenness, and impersonating the clown, It, won’t get you arrested. Go ahead and haunt those people, Aries!

Taurus: April 20th-May 20th: Who cares about fall when there are better holidays to decorate for? Not you, go ahead and decorate for Christmas. I mean, it’s only 12 weeks away…

Gemini: May 21st-June 20th: Do not enter any apple pie eating contests or pumpkin carving contests. You will lose. And you don’t want your ego to get hurt.

Cancer: June 21st- July 22nd: Don’t forget to dress up for Halloween! The perfect costume for you is going to be Queen Elizabeth. Everyone seems to be talking about her, right?

Leo: July 23rd- August 22nd: Make all of the fall recipes you can find! Fall has the best flavors after all. There’s apple and pumpkin and… that’s about it.

Virgo: Aug. 23rd- Sept. 22nd: Do not buy any dolls from the thrift store this month. It’s tempting, but a recreation of Annabelle is not what you need in your life right now.

Libra: Sept. 23- Oct. 22nd: Beware of Aquarius… and apples. Avoid them at all costs.

Scorpio: Oct. 23rd- Nov. 21st: Leaves are in the air! You know what else could be in the air? All of your fall-scented candles! All of them, all at once. Mmmmm fall.

Sagittarius: Nov. 22- Dec. 21st: Much like Cancer, you must not forget to dress up for Halloween. The costume for you this year is Mr. Dillard! Take a selfie with him, he’ll love it!!

Capricorn: Dec. 22nd- Jan. 19th: Fall break is coming up soon, you should travel! Maybe find a nice trip to, well, wherever your heart desires.