Top 10 Reasons to Come To GMC


The Forge Staff

There are many reasons to come to GMC; however, The Forge staff is limited to describing 10. Here are the top 10 reasons to come to GMC.


1). Teachers evidently care about their students.

We may be a small school; however, being a small school works for our benefit. Every teacher puts in the effort to make a connection with their students. GMC teachers genuinely care about their student’s mental and physical well-being more than you turning in an assignment in on time.


2). A/B Block Schedule

A/B block schedules are when you have four classes on one day and four different classes on the next day so Monday you have the same classes as Wednesday and the same for Tuesday and Thursday and Fridays switch every other week. A/B block schedules are beneficial for students as well as teachers! A/B block schedules give students more time to complete their assignments, study for tests, and prepare for the upcoming class. It also gives teachers more time to prepare lessons and grade assignments. Instead of work needing to be submitted by the next day, it can be turned in two days after. Let’s say Monday you get a two-page assignment it’s not due Tuesday but Wednesday.


3). Easy to Navigate

Finding classes is easy at GMC because we only have four main halls (excluding the gym). Having one subject per hall makes it convenient for new students to navigate their way. 


4). Dismissed at 1:30 pm on Fridays!

Getting out at 1:30 is beneficial because your classes are only an hour long, and you get to leave early. Fridays are also helpful because you have the opportunity to create a smooth work-life balance. With this schedule, you can work at a part-time job and spend time with family and friends. 


5). EDUScape

After winter break, students are given two days to get back into the academic flow. Can choose two small activities or one big activity. Through EDUScape, students have the opportunity to make new friends and build relationships with their classmates. 


6). Community-Based

GMC is a unique community-based school. Every year students are required to earn 50 service hours. This requirement allows us to interact with the community. Helping the community is not only good for college applications(because it shows you care about your people), but it is a good quality to have as a person.


7). College Classes/Senior Project

Starting in your Sophomore year, you start takeing college classes. Taking college classes not only gives you a head start for when you get into college, but it also gives you a boost on your college application. Because it shows that you are deadacted student. Senior Project (Now Senior Capstone) also is a great way to prepare for college. You can do an internship, apprenticeship, or a project. These options can prepare you for future endeavors and a college workload. Even if you are not going to college, an apprenticeship (in particular) prepares you for your real-world job and gets you connections for jobs that pay well after college.


8). Teachers are genuinely interested in their subjects.

Unlike other schools, the teachers here are genuinely interested in you and their subject. Every day in class, you can sense and see how passionately our teachers feel about their field of work. It adds a whole dynamic to the school experience.


9). Catered Lunch

While other schools are limited to sloppy joes or carrot sticks, we have a variety of food alternatives. Emma Childs, the Features Editor at The Forge, said: “Overall, the menu changes this year are great. They give students more to choose from when ordering lunch and break up a ‘chicken-heavy’ menu” (Lunch Rooms Changes). 


10). Clubs/Sports

GMC offers a variety of clubs and sports to choose from. We have classic sports such as Cross Country, Track, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, and Swim team, some of which are at the state level. In addition, we have clubs that cater to the arts. We have an art club, plant club, and ASL club. At GMC, everyone has an opportunity to participate in an activity they enjoy. These Clubs/Sports create a warm and connected atmosphere throughout our school.


Honorable Mention: Carpet!

You see, most students entering this school have never felt the wonders of carpet under their shoes. While it’s not the most comfortable form of carpet, it is still much better than the tile found in other schools. Carpet also allows for the school to look more homely, letting students be more at ease.