Favorite Class Experience

Ansa Thomas, Editor-In-Chief

Last Month The Forge sent out a google form to find out your guy’s favorite class experience. 

Rebecca Deets

The mock governments in history class on September 19th in Mr. Fitzgerald’s class

Janae Reid

My favorite school experience is when your in Spanish class and your classmate casually starts to turn on, drive, and turn off his imaginary car with his mouth during a Spanish presentation. A way to start your Monday.

Jacey Staggs

My favorite class story was on September 19, 2022, in Mr. Fitzgerald’s 3A World History class. During this class, we acted out different types of governments. I enjoyed the activity because I was able to learn, retain the knowledge being taught, and have a good time while doing so.

Alisa Parry

In Mr. Cook’s Class, we were playing a would you rather game where you run to the side of the room which had the option of your choice. It was really funny because we made a lot of funny jokes about trouble and rule-breaking

Ellie Runkel

In downtown Greer, I grabbed a leftover French fry from a table after it had been paid for. In my defense, it was just sitting there. I was having womanly cravings for fries. No one noticed it was even gone. They left it there, totally up for grabs. It was a very good French fry.

Collin Dooley

For context of this story, there are a few things that you need to know. First off, I’m a senior. I also have the majority of my electives and core classes out of the way, so that senior year I can take my time off to work and do college classes. Last year, I had almost a full schedule with some leeway along the way, save perhaps a period or two because of how college classes work onto the story. This year, I got pulled out of class in the middle of my college seminar to discuss the classes that I wanted to take that year, primarily talking about college classes. This was in the middle of class, to talk about classes while in the classroom. We discussed my further college movements going forward and about my general future in order to understand exactly what I’m qualified for. However, what happened during this conversation was that she noted that I had, in fact, few classes left to take for high school and could pretty much have most of the year to myself. 

The frozen, apical knife of realization slowly scraped the pointed edges of my spine, piercing my back in tense hesitation. I arched my back in glacial repudiation, my eyes an incendiary dichotomy in fury and passion. I realized…

I didn’t have to go to a class. That was my favorite class experience.

Kate Benetatos

My favorite class experience was last year in Mrs. Oyervides’s biology class when we dissected pigs. It smelled really strong, but it was fun to see all the organs, and I loved the way the spine felt. Some people got really grossed out and squeamish, which added the humor of inwardly laughing. I liked getting to do a hands-on activity, and wearing gloves, and an apron made me feel like a legit scientist! 

Laelyn Smith

I’m not sure of the exact date, but this happened in 2022 in the first quarter of school. This happened in Mr. Fitzgerald’s room during Freshman Success. We had a “party” because we won the Freshman Olympics, which was really fun. We had ice cream, and I got to hang out with my friends. 

Tristan Boivin 

Weight lifting when I hit 525lbs on the leg sled.

Emily Abend 

(do not trust my spelling or my grammar) My favorite class experience happened in Ms. Sawkikie’s room with the class of 2025 freshman in Honors biology. It was our midterm day of the 2021-2022 school year. Since we had taken an EOC and did not need that midterm period, Ms. Sawkiki said that we could do our pig dissection that day if everyone would be interested. Being the crazy kids we are, of course, we were not going to pass up this opportunity. I swear on all the good cheese of the world, my face has never lit up faster than when my group let me make that first major incision. It quickly became a race to get an intact brain, heart, etc. Sky Leitch, some others, and I were very disappointed to find that we had no jars to be able to take the organs home. Long story short, it was one of the best memories of GMC, which included learning.

Lani Kohler

My favorite class experience was in social studies at Langston Charter Middle during 6th grade. While we were studying ancient Egypt, our teacher, Mr. Van, chose several students to become fake mummies. Being one of those mummies, I lay on a table with a sheet on me while Mr. Van, wearing a robe and a plastic mask, sprinkled cooking spices on the sheet and explained to everyone how the process of mummification happened. After he finished, a group of girls wrapped me in toilet paper. The amount of toilet paper stacked in the back of the classroom was pretty humorous when I think of it now.

Paul Rouse

In Teacher Cadet last year, we took a field trip to the Meyers Center, where we trick or treated with the children there. This was truly an eye-opening experience, and I loved every minute of it. 

Cam Martin

My favorite class experience is in Spanish 3 Honors last year, my sophomore year when Mr. Rainey took us to Mr. Salsa’s. 

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