Live by Kyle Pitts die by Kyle Pitts: My Fantasy Football Failures


We are approaching week 6 of fantasy football, and so far my teams have been a failure on all fronts. There are two leagues that I focus on, and in one of them I am 1-4 and in the other, I am 1-2 (the latter of the two leagues was started late).  


I will say without a doubt in my mind there is one person that I have lost sleep over thinking about how I messed up drafting him, and that player is Kyle Pitts.  I drafted him in both leagues with the assumption that he would improve on his rookie-year stats and become a top tight end. However, it seems as if the falcons have forgotten that kyle Pitts is a tight end and not a left tackle, for the highest points he has gotten so far out of 4 games is 12 in week 3. In every week before and after, he has struggled to get above 5 points. If kyle Pitts can actually put in the work, there is a chance that I can flip the season around in both of my leagues.


However, after kyle Pitts, there is not one single easy solution to my fantasy problems. In the league I created late, I had a better understanding of who might become break-out stars in their positions, and since I had the first pick, I felt pretty confident that this league would be better. However, I was misguided in my judgment once again.  My first overall pick, the star running back Johnathan Taylor, suffered a high ankle sprain and has been already struggling to get touches this season. 


If we are to look at my wide receiver core, there is also a pretty blank hole.  Amon-Ra saint brown had a phenomenal week 1 and week 2, solidifying himself as a wide receiver for the lions, but it seems a recent knee injury will cause him to not play as much and be on minute limitations. This will end up being a crippling part of my roaster if he can not get healthy quickly.


However, there are some bright spots in my roaster. Justin Herbert isn’t an amazing fantasy quarterback, but he is solid and consistent. Devante Adams performs at a high level and is someone you can always fall back on.  I have a young bull on my roaster in Josh Jacobs as well as Devante Adams. It is going to be interesting to see if my teams can pull a comeback, but that is yet to be seen