Welcome Mrs. Wagner


Miles Stoia , Reporter

Ms. Wagner is a first-year teacher here at GMC, but she has twenty years of experience teaching. At GMC she teaches theater, music, yoga, and dance; at other schools she has taught a little bit of everything. Ms. Wagner has an Orton-Gillingham certification so she can teach dyslexic kids. 

The reason that Ms. Wagner applied to be a teacher at GMC is because she heard a lot of good things about this school from students. If you go to her classroom you can expect to have fun and grow as an artist.

 She finished her undergraduate in Music to pursue her dream of being an opera singer, but she realized her passion for teaching and pursued a masters in Arts. She received two degrees from The College of Charleston. When she was getting her bachelor’s, she had a job singing French at a Church near her college.

 Ms. Wagner said, “I was teaching an elementary science class and the students built volcanos using plumbers’ foam. I did not read the directions for the activity well and did not purchase water-soluble foam. The foam hardened quickly, and I had a class full of third graders with their hands glued together”.

 Another story is when Ms. Wagner got a new puppy. She brought it to school for a week because she didn’t want to leave it at home by itself. 

Ms. Wagner is very excited to get to know her students this year, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and see them grow.

 Don’t forget to consider Ms. Wagner’s classes for one of your electives here at GMC. It won’t be a mistake.