The future of eSports


Elijah Craft, News Editor

Electronic sports, commonly known as eSports, have grown from a looked down on hobby to a billion-dollar industry. The eSports community is growing at an explosive rate; however, does eSports compare to traditional sports in terms of viewership, popularity, and potential?
While the NFL has the highest viewership, eSports is still doing well. In particular, League of Legends, a team-based strategy game, boasts an exceptionally high viewership. Sports seems to have a larger viewership currently. ESports’s popularity is rising drastically, and it may eventually overthrow its traditional counterpart. The eSports scene has great potential, with its profits and viewership closing the gap to traditional sports every year. However, there are a few reasons why eSports are harder to make money, mainly, that eSports fans are less dedicated. During commercial breaks, there is no reason to watch the commercial; they will swap to one of their four other tabs.
The eSports scene might eventually be the future of sports as a whole. It might seem unrealistic now. However, with eSports growing popularity, we never know what to expect. I feel it’s more likely that both of them will keep performing well and receiving good viewership. For now, Traditional sports still garner more viewers than eSports do. But it might only be a matter of time until that isn’t the case. Either way, I look forward to experiencing the future of the eSports industry!
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