October Club Highlights

Harper Tonnesen, Reporter

The October club spotlights are the Art Club and the Plant Club!

Art Club-

The Art club is run by Mrs. Perez, and the co-president is Julie Rabon.

There is nothing complicated about joining the art club. All a student needs to do is contact Julie Rabon, Mrs. Perez, or another Art club staff member.

Once this has been done, they will be sent the Art club contract which goes over the basic rules of being in the club.

After getting into the Art club, they meet every Wednesday after school in the art room! The meetings last around 4:00 but can differ depending on the project or task that is being done.

In Art club, a project is worked on for about two weeks, that is two meetings, and then they switch to a new project.

Julie Rabon, the co-president, says that the Art club is “a club built to help students’ creativity flow freely.” 


Plant Club-

The Plant club is hosted by Autumn Jones.

In order to join the Plant club, all you have to do is show up! There is no experience or previous knowledge necessary at all. 

Meetings are held in Mrs. Perez’s classroom from 2:50 to 3:30, sometimes 4:00, depending on how in-depth and involved the project is. 

To participate in the Plant club, you can donate items like seed packets, soil, pots, fertilizer, and more. You can also participate in daily chores like cleaning up the patio (in which we will be able to receive service hours). Both of these activities are optional. 

Another opportunity, coming in March, is the local community Garden they will be caring for and growing! This will include a variety of crops, herbs, and flowers!

Autumn recommends joining the plant club because the Plant club can be a great outlet, hobby, or lifelong use of information for many people. Not only that, but It has been proven that caring, cultivating, and simply being around plants and other flora can not only improve the confidence and self-esteem of an individual but can also help increase the academic performance of students who are directly connected with plants!