Oops! I Forgot I Needed A Costume!

Anna Chebowski, Blazefeed Editor

Forgot about Halloween? Need a costume fast? Here are a few easy costume ideas that you can use this holiday.


A classic costume that’s really easy to put together. All you need is a bed sheet, scissors, and/or markers. If you decide that you want to be able to see where you’re walking, you will want to cut out holes for your eyes. Otherwise, use markers to draw on eyes.

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Work-at-home employee:

During the pandemic, many had to work from home and would dress up halfway. For this Halloween, use this as a possible costume. Dress up in your favorite pajama pants and a work shirt, and you’re all good to go. Some possible accessories include a computer, glasses, a blanket, your pet, or a stuffed animal to represent a pet.

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A standard costume but also an easy one! All you need for this costume is a black outfit (most wear a dress), cat ears, and black face makeup. You can also use a tail if you have one.

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Bernie Sanders:

The Bernie Sanders meme is a perfect costume for Halloween. As the temperatures drop, this cozy costume can keep you warm. For this costume, you need a coat, mittens, and a mask. 

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While this idea may be basic, this costume is one of the easiest to create. To make this outfit, you need a plain t-shirt and paper and/or paint. To make the letter “M” on the shirt, you can either paint it on or cut it out of paper. 

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