Fantasy Football Rant #2


Liam Kemp, co-managing editor

Week after week and disappointment after disappointment, it seems that my fantasy teams have become laughably bad.  


This comes as a surprise to me because everything pointed in my direction to have a good week. Not only had most of my players just come off a bye week but a lot of my guys also had just been taken off of injured reserve. I felt as if I had the deepest roster of running backs and at least 2 of the top 5 wide receivers in the league.  However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that my teams were in trouble.


Armon Saint Brown’s first game back was shortened to about 1 minute after he received a concussion with his only reception of the game. In addition to that, Breece Hall suffered an ACL injury, which will most likely sideline him for the rest of the year.  Even Lenord Fournette had a bad game against the Carolina Panthers, who are probably the worst team in the league. 


There are very few solutions to the problem of my fantasy disasters.  I may need to trade my underperforming first-round pick, Jonathan Taylor, in order to build up more depth in my roaster. However, if he eventually picks up more steam and gets more reps, trading him could end up disastrous. 


The question of my wide receivers is another question altogether. If Saint Brown is still out, that means I have to start Gabe Davis or Garret Wilson, two receivers that are not too shabby by any means but still aren’t WR2 material. I may be able to make a package for a wide receiver, but that is not a guaranteed option that anyone would be willing to go for any one of my guys.


Out of all my players, the one surprising bright spot seems to be Josh Jacobs for the Raiders. He has consistently been producing 20 points or more every game, making him by far the most consistent player for the team.  I also do believe that Justin Herbert will soon start being more efficient and start showing his true skill set. In addition to this, Jonathan Taylor may become more involved in the offense after Matt Ryan is replaced as the starting quarterback in Indianapolis.  


It is also not guaranteed that Fournette is going to suffer any more games as bad as the loss to Carolina, and there isn’t a threat of him being replaced as the RB1 for the bucks any time soon. Devante Adams is a consistent 17-point producer every Sunday, but in order to start winning, he is going to need to be more productive and push 20 points a game.


Though unlikely, playoffs are still a possibility for my fantasy teams. In order to push my team to the next level, it will take a lot of luck and strategy, but I wouldn’t cross anything out just yet.