GMC Fall Festival Trunk or Treat Review


Emma Childs, Features Editor

The Greer Middle College Fall Festival Trunk or Treat was held last Thursday in the teacher’s lot.

The event had a fantastic turnout. Kids of all ages came to get some free candy, and even some of the staff and teacher’s kids attended. They were dressed up as fairies, superheroes, Disney princesses, star wars characters, and many others.

Every one of the kids enjoyed seeing the older kids decorated trunks, which were all awesome. Some of the trunk themes were Hawaiin, country, Jurrasic Park, and the Magic School Bus.

However, as expected, the kids loved the candy the most.  Some kids were timid and would inch up to us only to grab one piece of candy. Others were more enthusiastic, showing off their costumer and grabbing a large handful of candy afterward.

Overall the Fall Festival Trunk or Treat was a huge success.