My Top 10 Disney Rides


Emily Salvato, Broadcasting

For fall break, me and my family went to the most magical place on earth—Disney World. These are my top ten rides that you should go on if you ever go.

Starting off with the coolest one there, we have the coolest ride in Epcot and maybe in Disney Guardians of the galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. I won’t spoil how cool it was but it was pretty awesome.

At number dos we have another pretty amazing ride Avatar if you like the movie then you will love this ride. You are given a tour through the planet Pandora soaring in the air on what feels like a real banshee.

Number three is such a drop. I think my stomach is still on the thirteenth floor. Twilight Zone: The Tower of Terror.

If you have snakes in your boots and like to reach for the sky, Slinky Dog is one of the cutest roller coasters that looks like Andy himself made it up.

If you are really competitive with your family and love Toy Story, then this ride is for you. Toy Story Mania will allow you to take on the task of popping balloons, smashing plates, and throwing pies to see if you can get more points than your partner.

Moving on we have a water ride.Splash Mountain. As you soak your butt because of how much water was in the log from the people you’re no longer worried about getting drenched.

At number 7, one of the best in the dark coasters is Space Mountain. You have no idea where you are and if your hands are going to hit the tracks while you are throwing them in the air like you just don’t care.

Rise of the Resistance is all about the experience you feel like you are going through the star wars movies because of how life-like and humongous the action figures are. When people say they are life size they actually mean it.

If you are into rock bands, loud music, and really fast speeds then you are going to Rock’n Roller on this coaster. Going at 57 mph you go through the neon blur of the 80’s rock group Aerosmith.

Last but not least, Mount Everest going backwards has never been more thrilling. You never know when you’re going to end up going backwards when you get to the top. But hey, how many people do you know have a hair tie on Mt. Everest?