Least Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

Anna Chebowski, Section Editor

Thanksgiving is coming up, which means that families are planning and purchasing their meals. Many families have similar dishes, which means that everyone has a least favorite dish. We sent a poll to GMC students asking what their least favorite Thanksgiving food is. 

shallow focus photography of red berry lot

With 15 votes out of 47 responses, the number one disliked dish voted was cranberry sauce. Those who provided reasoning as to why cranberry sauce was their least favorite food varied, but the most popular reason was that it is sour and has a weird texture.

Thanksgiving Stuffing | Eggland's Best

The second-highest food that was voted was stuffing. Similarly to cranberry sauce, respondents said that the texture was off because it was awkwardly soft and that it was just wet bread.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cinnamon Butternut Squash with Pecans and Cranberries - Julia's Album

In third place, there was a tie between squash and brussel sprouts with five votes for each. Those who voted for squash stated that both the texture and the taste were bad or that they were forced to eat it as a child. As for brussel sprouts, one person said that the smell was awful and it tastes just like the scent.