Review: The Flame


The Forge Staff

Last Wednesday, 8 reporters from The Forge News purchased coffee and Gatorade from GMC’s new coffee bar, The Flame.
Because all proceeds from students’ purchases go to GMC’s athletics department, the coffee bar is run by those who will benefit from the funds: GMC student athletes. However, being a student-run business did not make the experience less professional than any other business.
When reporters from The Forge visited The Flame, they were served quickly and efficiently. Our Features editor, Aidan Burke, recalled that it took under a minute for each person to receive their order. The coffee was served piping hot, and each iced coffee was served cold.
Each reporter agreed that they enjoyed their beverage. Ansa Thomas, a reporter for The Forge News, stated that her coffee was “very good.” One of our managing editors, Gracie Wilkerson, expressed her gratitude for the workers’ hospitality: “The service was great! Coach Elliott was really nice and was understanding when I changed my mind (I said I wanted no creamer at first). They didn’t have a trash can nearby, so they were happy to take my trash for me.” Small gestures like this one helped make our reporters’ experience at The Flame even more delightful.
The stand followed all COVID-19 guidelines; volunteers were wearing masks and social distancing, and the process of obtaining the coffee was safe so that no one harbored any additional worries about spreading germs.
Our experience with The Flame was professional and enjoyable, and we would highly recommend that you purchase your next coffee from GMC’s own coffee bar.