Introducing Local Band: Seven Year Witch


Alex Fowler, Sports Editor

From the back woods to the big stage. Local Band, Seven Year Witch is this generation’s new favorite “hybrid band of hard rock, blues-punk, and 70’s garage rocks.” This local band emerges with such an amazing presence that will be sure to get you on your feet and ready to rock. 

A little bit to know about Seven Year Witch: The band consists of members, Aaron Langford (Vocals), Spencer Burdon (Bass), Seth Burdon (Drums), and Beau Anderson (Guitar). Originally formed in 2013 under the name “Doc Holiday” but was later changed in 2018 to “Seven Year Witch.” In 2018 alone, the band has shared the stage with the likes of BuckCherry, Pop Evil, The Gin Blossoms, and WWE’s Jeff Hardy. Not only that but the band has performed in places like Los Angeles, California, the coast of South Carolina, up to Canada, and anywhere in between. Collecting a cult-like following with music to sure be hooked on, you can find all of Seven Year Witch’s upcoming shows and where to listen to their music on their website “”  


When talking to senior Hayden Williams, she told me just how big of a fan she is of Seven Year Witch and why they are worth checking out. 


How did you become a fan of Seven Year Witch and why do you like their music?

“I went into the local venue, Radioroom, without knowing anything about them, I went in blind not knowing what to expect but was captivated by their performance.” “The lead singer has insane range and they bring so much energy to the rock genre in a unique way.” “They put on such a big show and I believe their newfound fame stems from that.” “Each show is so electrifying and they are always moving around, you could never get bored of watching them.” “They even end every show with a backflip!” “ Not only that but they have great interactions with fans, it’s part of why I love them so much.” 


How will their music affect this generation? 

“They’ve already attracted so much attention just from traveling.” “They’ve played in Los Angeles and have opened for some pretty big names.” “They have a lot of potential to draw in a larger audience with how strong of a presence they have.” “I believe with the amount of energy they put towards their performances and how they already have a big fan base, they will have a lot of influence in the music industry and this generation.”